Shifting into Greater Radiance; Inner Radiance Projection Meditation 2 - mp3

Shifting into Greater Radiance; Inner Radiance Projection Meditation 2 - mp3


This Meditation kickstarts immediately into the space of Inner Radiance and takes the listener through a series of shifts while facilitating personal progression towards greater radiance.

  • Excellent for establishing an empowered personal connection with yourself.

  • Establishing communication with your body.

  • Personal magnitude, stability, alignment, and fortitude.

Inner Radiance Projections are Meditations for Illuminating the world with your light. Very often we encounter discord and even in the slightest degrees the inner light is forgotten. This manifests in loss of personal reference, fortitude, and will power.

Inner Radiance Projections are moments for:

  • Discovering authentic radiance

  • Sharing space with others of similar magnitude

  • Experiencing sources of inner strength

These Meditation sessions are more energetic than regular mindfulness meditations and will press the threshold of personal focus and capacity for holding space.

*This listing is for a recording approx. 45 minutes.

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Pure Energetic Pampering

Take some time to make some time with a Oneness Is Everything Energy Bath!

What is an Energy Bath?
How many showers or baths have you taken in your lifetime?  What if you took a bath every day without ever cleaning the bath tub?  Would you really consider yourself clean?  Would you be able to enjoy yourself in the bath and feel truly refreshed afterwards?  

Your body is no different than your bath tub in this example - especially if you consciously work in order to create change for the better in your reality.  How many rings have been left behind in your energetic bath tub?  How much grime is hanging around from all of the times you played in the mud?   ...Are you ready for an energy bath yet?

Oneness Is Everything energy baths are available as live broadcasts and replay/downloads.  Each energy bath activation has a runtime of approximately 15 minutes and continues running for at least an hour afterwards.    Take advantage of these big, little activations for greater:

  • clarity
  • happiness
  • reduction of stress
  • reset of focus
  • integration of change
  • removal of residual energies
  • personal priority.

Each Energy Bath is unique and includes an infusion of a variety of immortal energies and quantum clearings.  

If you miss the live broadcast, no worries! :)  Oneness Is Everything Energy Baths are activated in quantum space.  Your energy bath is warm, ready, and waiting for you. (Check out mp3 downloads HERE.)

  For upcoming Live Broadcasts, Check out the Oneness Is Everything Event Calendar HERE