Time Spa Quantum Rapport for the Reconciliation of Age mp3

Time Spa Quantum Rapport for the Reconciliation of Age mp3


A companion mp3 for Mortal ReGenesis Face & Body Lift

In this pre recorded session, The Immortal Rann facilitates the listener through quantum space and rapport with master bodies in order to 

  • clear out negative impacts, resistances and resentments which create physical aging.
  • introduce energies which abate decay and facilitate regeneration.
  • address ancestry and lineage of age and duplication of aging.
  • facilitate the download and upload of useable information for beings and bodies.

This particular session is designed to companion with the use of Mortal ReGenesis Immortal Face & Body Lifts.  It may also be used on its own for the access of extremely high frequency energies and information downloads.

This unique 1 hour recording was generated on 06.14.2016, and utilizes a combination of individual and collective energies in order to facilitate greater results.  It may also be played at any volume, while awake or while asleep.

**It is not recommended to listen to this audio while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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The Time Spa is an operating system for all modalities developed by Rann.  It is designed to work with energy that is not restricted to linear time.  
Quantum Rapport is a session with Rann where you are brought into close connection and coaching with one of your master bodies in order to experience energy or receive certain information.  This is accomplished by a method of conscious quantum jumping.

With Time Spa - Quantum Rapport Sessions you are able to:

  • Receive Information
  • Develop specific skill sets with ease.
  • Reconcile current energies with past life energies.
  • Experience clarity about what it is that you are creating,  and what it will take for your creations to culminate successfully.
  • Walk away empowered and changed.