Creating Openings Amongst Friends and Family


What do you do when those closest to you are reinforcing your limitations?

     This may sound a bit off, but greatness allows the small to choose small.  To put it another way- when encountering someone else grappling onto your circumstances in order to limit reality, you have the choice to out-create the would-be limitation.

     Many will ask, “How do I do that?”  My quickest response to this is, “When have you done it before?”  If you cannot find previous instance in memory, the gather yourself and ask, “What can I create that will reduce this limitation to nothing?”

     If the response to this question brings even the smallest smile to your face, you’re focusing in a good direction!

     Be an expansive creator!  Every limitation is an invitation to create.  Many individuals tend to create small, even after experiencing personal growth. It is a trap that has caught every person at one time or another.  

     So far, in all of my creation modalities, one ends up creating for oneself.  Even when intentions are focused on someone else's best interests, the returns manifest for the creator.  In light of this, create big and choose beyond your limitations.  Allow others to receive your creation; and if they choose something smaller, then allow that too.  

     What kind of creator are you choosing to be?


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Rann Goldrich applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy.  She has contributed to the development of energetic modalities, and created several modalities of her own including: conscious creating, liberating bodies from locked charges, collapsing anchor points, quantum jumping, changing appearances, and joyful living.


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