Volume 1- Immortal Energies Collection

Volume 1- Immortal Energies Collection


Immortal Energy On-the-Go for Volume 1

Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, The Immortal Energies Collection is now available.  

These quantum sessions are coded for shifting your personal energy.  Each session is a 6 minute delivery of the energetic signature.  

 1. The Original Immortal Face Lift signature energy - Infusion of Joy
*An experience of High Frequency Energies

2. The Youthening Face & Body Lift signature energy - opening up your energetic flows.
*A Fast Moving, Energizing Experience

3. The Mortal ReGenesis Face & Body Lift signature energy - opening up to a regenerative body.
*ACalming, Rest Inducing Experience

4. The E-4 Face Lift signature energy - for wellness and expansive joy.
*An Expanding High Frequency Experience

5. The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift signature energy - for Presence and Potency.
*An Expansively Energizing Experience

6. The Immortal Genesis Face & Body Lift signature energy - for maximizing sensory ability.
*An MultiFaceted Dimenional Frequency Experience

7. The Transcendence Face & Body Lift signature energy - for Surpassing Limitations.
*An Calmly Intense Experience

8. The Concealment Face & Body Lift signature energy - for Liberation from Blockages.
*A Very Intense High Frequency Experience

9. The Scrubbing Bubbles Face & Body Lift signature energy - for Stepping into Expanded Space.
*An Experience of Very Intense, High Frequency Expansion


Immortal Energies are not the same as face lift activations, but they can be used for:

  • Initiating meditation space
  • Throttling personal energies into immortal space
  • Increasing personal frequencies
  • Creating personal changes during current circumstances
  • Enjoyment

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Which energies do you choose to surround you?  
Are you interested in increasing your frequency and holding greater space throughout the day?

 Immortal Energies are designed for your own enjoyment and personal development.  

These are condensed sessions of coded energetic space for shifting your energy and the energy of your environment. Each quantum session is a 6 minute delivery of a signature Immortal Energy. Choose your favorites or collect them all and enjoy Immortal Energy on the go for your daily shifts.

  • Immortal Energies are not activations, but are energetic experiences.  Some Immortal Energies deliver signature energies associated with Immortal Face Lifts.
  • Immortal Energy sessions are coded to deliver quantum energy for a period of 6 minutes and can be set to repeat singularly or in combination with other Immortal Energy sessions. 
  • Immortal Energy sessions can be subtle, but can compound in intensity when played one after another or in a playlist.  

*Please do not play Immortal Energies while driving.