Special Youthening Face & Body Lift for Puberty, Menopause and Andropause - mp3

Special Youthening Face & Body Lift for Puberty, Menopause and Andropause - mp3



This activation was part of a limited offered package for Puberty, Menopause, & Andropause.  There is particularly rare coding in this session pertaining to these topics.  As such, this session is highly recommended for those individuals currently experiencing one of these phases, or experiencing tribulation due to one of these life cycle stages.

*Fast Moving, Energizing

  • Reclaims energies from wishing you were older to wishing you were younger - experience being present with all of your energy.

  • This Immortal Face Lift increases your energy and has a common side effect of toning.

This Energetic Face & Body Lift is the invitation to embrace all of the energy available to you, no matter which stage of life you enjoy in this moment.  It is common in this reality to surrender energetic magnitude to youth as one becomes older, which manifests as a decrease in vitality on several mental, physical and energetic levels. This face & body lift session removes  blockages of energy due to mortal entrainment, and is for anyone seeking to reclaim his/her immortal energetic flows.

This is an energetic body & face lift that has been specifically coded by Rann for:

  • enlivening skin with appearance of child-like youth

  • toning skin and muscular and skeletal structure with elasticity and flexibility

  • promoting efficiencies for hydration and elimination of toxins

  • promoting the inclusion of fun, boundless energy, being seen AND heard; receiving, processing, and balanced integration and application

  • allowance for physical and energetic shifts which promote rejuvenation

Post session experiences may include:

  • facial muscular aching

  • skin sensitivity

  • more energy

  • restlessness

  • noticeable changes in physical features of body and/or face

  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor

  • noticeable changes in behavioral responses of self and others

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*This session is a part of a limited package.  For more information and access, Visit Here.

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