Each Palmistry Report at Everything Palmistry is designed and personally tailored by Rann, and is

  • accurate
  • long lasting
  • individually tailored
  • easy 
Rann’s readings are thorough, very explanatory, and always on the dot! I have had two written report readings from her and both readings blew me away at how spot on they were. She makes herself available if you want to further discuss your realigning one on one, and is very willing to reiterate any part of the reading so you can understand it more clearly. I will continue to get readings from Rann and I recommend her to anyone!
— Cassie - Palmistry Reports

Reports vary by options, size and price.

  • Email Reading - Email message which encompasses primary findings from full analysis.
  • Written Narrative - approx. 2 pages; designed as a live reading in essay format.
  • Specific Query - approx. 5 pages; designed to apply focus and progression in titled paragraph format.
  • Full Report - approx. 7 pages; designed to include all information available during analysis in titled paragraph format.
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