The June Energy Room 2018

The June Energy Room 2018


Welcome to the June 2018 ENERGY ROOM!!!

What’s Your Energy Room?

  • Align your energy bodies

  • Relax your spirit

  • Empower yourself

This is an unexpected Energy Room with a little bit of everything for using your power, utilizing allowance for your benefit, recognizing attachments to sabotage, and creating personal barriers.

What would change for you if you didn’t feel the need to protect yourself because of your state of personal power? This session covers

  • *Personal Clutter

  • *Needing to Protect Yourself

  • *Polarity Caused by Desire and Need to Hide

  • *Getting Knocked Down Unexpectedly When Everything is Going So Well


This Session was broadcast on June 3rd, 2018.

recording duration: approx. 1 hour

Access to the session mp3 will be available upon purchase.

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